Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Hailee Steinfeld Is Trading Pop For Poetry In New Emily Dickinson TV Series

The comedy will give the 19th century a modern-day tone

Hailee Steinfeld has already dominated movies and music, and now she's coming for TV stardom.

The Oscar nominee is set to star as Emily Dickinson in Apple's aptly named upcoming series, Dickinson. The half-hour comedy will prescribe a modern tone to the 19th century's societal, gender, and family restrictions while exploring the celebrated American poet's coming-of-age story.

In real life, Dickinson became known for her non-conforming stance on a woman's place, valuing mutually fulfilling friendships and being openly skeptical of marriage as it stood. She used poetry and other writings to express her revolutionary ideas, although she kept them hidden from the public. After her death, Dickinson's family found her poems and had them published, unleashing her ahead-of-her-time perspective onto the world.

Armed with a rich backstory, the series boasts a promising behind-the-scenes lineup, with two 13 Reasons Why alums on board. It will be produced by wiip, Anonymous Content, and Michael Sugar's Sugar23 (13RW was also produced by Anonymous Content and Sugar served as an executive producer), and is written and executive produced by The Affair alum, Alena Smith, and directed and executive produced by Pineapple Express's David Gordon Green.