SZA And Donald Glover Get Hot And Steamy In The 'Garden' Video

🌴 Island boos 🌴

A week after SZA made an appearance in Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video, Donald Glover returns the favor in "Garden (Say It Like Dat)." The Karena Evans-directed music video sees the TDE songstress and Glover getting hot and bothered together on a tropical island. As SZA sings about needing a partner who loves her for who she is, Glover stoically looks on unmoving like the nature around him.

One of the most vulnerable lyrics on "Garden (Say It Like Dat)" is when SZA says, "I need your support now / I know you'd rather be laid up with a big booty." Even on a deserted island with Donald Glover, insecurity can rear its ugly head. In an April piece for i-D,Β the "Doves In The Wind" singerΒ wrote about her love-hate relationship with Instagram and how looking at photos of gorgeous women comes with complicated and layered emotions.

"I love looking at pictures of beautiful women," SZA said. "But I think, for any human being, if you start to look at it too long it’ll make you look at yourself a little weird. It really depends on what mood I’m in. For instance, if I have a crazy-ass breakout and I look at really pretty, smooth-skin women on Instagram, I might be a little sad about my face that day. But tomorrow I might be able to not give a fuck at all.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem like there is any wifi or Instagram on SZA and Glover's island. That means more time for sexual tension.