This Woman Announced She Had A Surrogate Child -- With The Catfish She’d Never Met

Anyone else think this one ended badly?

A young woman didn’t just fall in love with a catfish on tonight’s episode of the hit MTV show -- she agreed to have a surrogate child with her.

Kiaira, a 21-year-old from Virginia Beach, had met her girlfriend Cortney via the dating website POF. Over the course of two years, they’d texted and/or talked on the phone every single day (but never videochatted, naturally) and, along the way, decided to have a baby together.

“She did not want to take the time off to get pregnant -- and neither did I -- so we decided, ‘Let’s have a surrogate,’” Kiaira told Nev and Max. (And since we really like Kiaira, we won’t point out the error of having a child with someone you’ve never met in person.)

To make matters more complicated, Kiaira had sent Cortney roughly $1,000 for their surrogate fund (#facepalm), and then – brace yourselves -- Kiaira says that one day, Cortney suddenly announced that the baby had arrived.

“She did everything on her own without me even knowing,” Kiaira said. “I found out about the baby two weeks after he was born. I don’t even know what the baby looks like.”

Max’s response? “There’s no baby!”

But Kiaira disagreed, imploring Nev and Max, “I need your help to bring my family together.”

So was there a baby? Yes. Turns out, though, Cortney didn’t hire a surrogate -- she had the baby herself, and the father was her boyfriend. But before you call the new mom a liar, get this: Kiaira hadn’t been talking to Cortney at all -- she’d been romanced by Cortney’s sister, Brittney, who’d been posing as her sibling. So why the case of stolen identity?

“You weren’t going to be interested in me,” Brittney said when she and a shook Kiaira finally met. She then offered a mea culpa, and when Kiaira refused to accept the apology (and repeatedly shut down her advances), had the balls gall to be surprised.

“Come on,” said Brittney (who, by the way, admitted she’d used the surrogate money to fix her car). “After two years, it’s just that easy? We’re supposed to be in love.”

And that, friends, is when dear, sweet Kiaira showed she has a backbone made of steel.

“First of all, you’re not going to play victim here, because you’re not the victim,” she said. “There’s no child. You’re not Cortney -- you’re Brittney. And yet I’m supposed to be okay and we live happily ever after? Seriously? Logically? Did you think that was going to be my mindset?”

Apparently, yes. The next day, when Kiaira, Max and Nev sat down with Brittney again, the catfish still tried to win Kiaira over.

“I’m truly in love with you, and if you can find it any way in your heart to forgive me, that would be great,” she said.

Kiaira’s response: “Time will definitely tell. As of right now, my answer still remains the same.”

Two months later, time definitely told: When Nev and Max videochatted with Kiaira, she reported that she hadn’t forgiven Brittney. But do you blame her? Would you have dismissed Brittney too, or would you have at least tried to stay friends with her? And better yet, do you think you could ever make a huge commitment -- like having a baby -- with someone you’d never met? Start talking about all the Catfish craziness, then catch new episodes next Wednesday beginning at 9/8c.