Should Booby Have Sent CT Into The Arena With His Champs vs. Stars Vote?

The Team Blue standout might have played it safe by throwing Devin to the wolves

If there is, indeed, always a lesser of two evils, Daniel “Booby” Gibson had a tough time identifying it on the most recent Champs vs. Stars episode.

The Cleveland Cavaliers standout and his fellow Blue Team’s Stars continued to band together in an effort to rid the game of the lingering Champs.

In “Jumbo Table Hockey,” contestants had to play a life-sized version of the classic arcade game, during which they could only move forward and backward across designated lines. For most of the game, the scoreboard sported a pair of goose eggs, but thanks to an eleventh-hour slapshot from Tony, Team Blue came away with another victory.

“I’ve never played hockey before in my life,” Tony said. “I don’t know if you call that, like, a back-slap or a slapshot — I don’t even know.”

Still, as the Stars retained power over the Blue Team, Louise, Casper and Drake decided to make Booby MVP instead (the honor wasn’t totally undeserved, though — Booby stopped a number of tough shots fired his way). And while Wes — again — tried to get Booby on his side, and avoid his own sentencing into The Arena, there was no saving him. Booby told Wes to his face that he was elimination round-bound.

Then, of course, came the Power Play — though Team Red had unanimously voted Jozea into The Arena, The Miz told Booby that as the MVP, he had the power to switch out Jozea with either CT, Shane or Devin — Team Red’s other remaining men. The Stars were elated, suddenly keenly aware that with this matchup, they could guarantee a Champ would be eliminated.

“As we say in England, the s**t hath hitteth the fan,” Louise said.

But which guy was the right pick?

The group determined that taking out either CT or Devin was paramount — Louise leaned more toward CT, while Casper thought Devin was a safer bet.

“Let’s send in CT, we’ve got a chance to take the big guy down,” Louise pleaded.

But when all was said and done, Booby summoned Devin to The Arena, setting up a match of the newest “Challenge” BFF duo.

“The boys are just wimping out at this point,” Louise lamented. “C’mon guys, it’s called Power Play for a reason.”

And with CT safe from possible elimination, Wes knocked Devin out, winning “Popping Tags” in a nail-biter. The game challenged the two competitors to rip pieces of fabric from each other’s garments, and Wes proved he had more to give.

But was it smart to offer Wes the easier opponent? Or should Team Blue’s Stars have picked CT, guaranteeing either he or Wes would have gone home?

What do you think — was it the right idea for Booby to pick Devin, and was getting rid of him smart for Team Blue’s Stars? Or, should he have risked putting CT into The Arena to get rid of the big dog? Share your thoughts, and see what comes next Tuesday night at 10/9c.