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Henry Cavill Says Goodbye To His Beloved Mustache With Touching Tribute Video

'Shaved but not forgotten'

Henry Cavill's mustache may be gone, but it will never be forgotten — thanks, in part, to its infamous incognito performance in Justice League. On Wednesday (March 21), the British actor said goodbye to his beloved 'stache, which he lovingly nicknamed Kingstache, with a touching tribute video.

This of course marks the end of Cavill's time on the set of Mission: Impossible — Fallout, where he grew the bristly facial accessory for his role in the Tom Cruise action flick. "I know, it's hard to recognize me without Kingstache. Sometimes I even have trouble recognizing myself," Cavill says in the in the video. "It’s hard for me to admit, this is not CGI," he adds, in reference to all the drama the 'stache caused on the set of Justice League when it had to be digitally removed in post-production after an incredible flex from MI6 studio Paramount. (The results were, uh, mixed to put it gently.)

Anyway, the production value of this In Memoriam video is truly spectacular, and the Sarah McLachlan song was a nice touch. It's what Kingstache would have wanted. And, frankly, what it deserved.

The video ends with a single frame that reads, "Shaved but not forgotten." Honestly, Cavill's not even being that dramatic. He's right! That 'stache and all of its drama is arguably the most memorable thing about Justice League.

R.I.P. Kingstache (2017-2018).