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Chance The Rapper Sends Powerful Message On Texas Bombings

'Your elected officials should be talking about this'

A series of bombings is impacting people throughout Texas. Today (March 20), a bomb exploded and injured a FedEx employee at one of their distribution centers in Schertz, Texas, reports The New York Times, the latest in five attacks that have hit the state in just over two weeks.

Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to comment on the suspected serial bomber behind the attacks and urge people to take action by contacting their elected officials.

"Someone is serial murdering Black and Latino men and women in Texas right now," Chance wrote. "One of them was just a boy. Hold your leaders accountable. Even if you aren’t from Texas, your elected officials should be talking about this. #AustinBombings"

Many believed the bombings were racially motivated after being placed in portions of Austin where there was a high African-American and Hispanic population, via The Washington Post. However, the March 18 explosion was in a predominantly white neighborhood and injured two Caucasian men.

Over the last few years, Chance has grown into one of the biggest social activists in music. In November, the Coloring Book rapper arrived at a Chicago city council meeting to voice his concern at a plan by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and council members to build a $95 million police- and fire-training campus. Recently, he's even retweeted calls for young people in Illinois to register in the primaries.

Informing his followers about the bombings in Texas is merely the latest way Chance is flexing his celebrity for good. Learn how you can contact your elected official right here.