Homecoming Heartache: Should Lexi Have Skipped The Dance On Young and Pregnant?

The Teen Mom opted out after getting bullied over her pregnancy

Homecoming is a major high school milestone -- one Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Lexi missed out on entirely.

As we witnessed on tonight’s episode, the soon-to-be grad was preparing to attend the senior dance with her baby daddy Kyler. But a series of comments some peers made online about her pregnancy -- like calling her child a “mistake” -- made the teen question whether or not she wanted to take part.

And if rude online jabs weren’t enough to discourage Lexi from the school event, a terribly awkward shopping trip certainly did.

“A lot of the slimmer fits are going to be a little bit too tight,” a salesperson told the expectant mom as she tried on dresses for the occasion. “The belly is kind of hard to work around.”

So with many signs seemingly pointing against attending homecoming, Lexi instead put on her best LBD and too-high heels for a romantic dinner out with Kyler, where the parents-to-be yet again attempted to put a label on their relationship.

“I guess we’ll be like all the other relationships after high school. Friends,” Kyler told Lexi over spaghetti and meatballs. “That’d be great. I’m kinda just like a straightforward guy, you know?”

“Do friends have babies together?” she replied, making a ridiculously good point.

But back to the dance. Will Lexi one day regret her decision to skip out on homecoming because she was pregnant? Do you think the online negativity will ever end for this small-town cheerleader? Vote in the poll, share your thoughts below and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.