Brad Barket/Getty Images for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

It's Official: Ava DuVernay Is Directing A Superhero Movie

She's entering the DC Universe

After her thoughtful imagining of A Wrinkle in Time helped make box office history (alongside Black Panther, what else?), Ava DuVernay is bringing another big-budget story to life — and this time, it's a superhero movie.

Warner Bros and DC have tapped the director to adapt The New Gods — the comic book world Jack Kirby created for DC in the '70s — for the big screen, Deadline reports. The movie will not be connected to other upcoming DC films.

The New Gods, also known as the "Fourth World," is one of a trilogy of comics alongside Forever People and Mister Miracle. In the saga, the gods are housed by two at-odds planets: beautiful New Genesis, ruled by Highfather, and scorched Apokolips, ruled by villainous Darkseid.

As Deadline points out, DuVernay has a particularly special connection with the series — last December, she cited Big Barda, one of the New Gods, as her favorite superhero.

This news indicates that Warner Bros is doubling down on its apparent effort to hire female directors within its superhero franchises, after Patty Jenkins helped craft last year's Wonder Woman into a global success. Your move, Marvel.