Teen Mom OG Treatment: How Catelynn's Family Is Involved In Her Recovery

The young mother's parents traveled to Arizona for intensive therapy sessions

Catelynn began treatment after she expressed suicidal thoughts (her troubling admission followed a traumatic miscarriage). And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, she was seen for the first time since checking in to an Arizona facility. The circumstances: Her loved ones (including Tyler, Nova, her mother April and her father Dave) traveled there to be with her for family week.

When Cate caught up with her husband, she opened up to him about the therapy sessions with her mom and dad -- and the importance of this work.

"Those are where my issues stem from, like my panic and stuff," Cate said. "I only have two things for my mom, and then my dad has a full sheet of s**t."

"It's stuff that needs to be talked about," Tyler stated.

The family week sessions with Cate and her parents were not filmed, and not much detail was provided about what was actually discussed in the private setting, but Dave and April spoke with Tyler and family friend Terry about the experiences.

"She looks healthy and happy," Dave told the group. "It looks like she is getting a lot out of this. Her attitude has totally changed."

Dave also suggested that the recent miscarriage was a "trigger," and Tyler agreed with his father-in-law.

"Unfortunately for Cate, every single pregnancy she's ever had has some form of trauma with it," Tyler expressed. "Letting go of Carly and then with Nova having postpartum [depression]."

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