Speedy Ortiz Offers The Best Excuse For Skipping Plans In New Video

'I got turned into slime :(' is the new 'sorry just saw this'

Massachusetts rock band Speedy Ortiz is led by Sadie Dupuis, who also records under the name Sad13. It's important to note this for two reasons: 1) Sadie is an MTV News pal, having stopped by our 2016 election-night special for a performance and an interview, and 2) She stars in her band's wild, sludgy new music video for "Lucky 88."

And if you've ever sat on the couch for too long, swiping and tapping your way through Seamless, Tinder, Spotify, and your phone's rolodex of apps hoping to finally fill the proverbial void at your core, this video is for you!

In the new clip, directed by Emily Yoshida, "Lucky 88" cuts right to the core of modern screen-induced malaise with one simple faux text exchange about halfway through. It looks like this:


Who among us hasn't used the excuse "I got turned into slime :(" to get out of some plans?

"Lucky 88" will be on Speedy Ortiz's upcoming new album, Twerp Verse, which is out April 27 on Carpark. You can pre-order it here.

And revisit Sad13's election-night interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson — from way back before we all got turned into slime — in the video below.