Teen Mom OG Tears: Butch And Tyler Share An Emotional Goodbye

In a new sneak peek, the MTV grandfather gets help for his addiction issues

During a recent Teen Mom OG episode, Tyler told his father Butch that it was time to "check in somewhere" to kick his longtime addiction issues. And in a sneak peek of this upcoming installment, the MTV grandfather took the preliminary steps of staying clean by traveling to a treatment center in Austin, Texas.

"There are about 25 guys in the community right now, so there's a lot of support," a worker from BRC Recovery (which offers extended recovery care for the treatment resistant) tells Butch in the clip above shortly after his arrival (Tyler accompanied his dad on the trip). From there, Butch selects his bedroom and is informed that he will soon be able to unpack (after a last check of his personal belongings).

After a tour of the facility, it's time for Butch and his son to say goodbye. What do the two say to each other as they embrace? Watch the clip to see their emotional farewell, and catch the entire episode of Teen Mom OG on Monday at 9/8c.