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Ed Sheeran's Misspelled Tattoo Is Totally Not Saoirse Ronan's Fault!


Yes, Ed Sheeran has a tattoo that says "Galway Grill" instead of "Galway Girl." Yes, Saoirse Ronan — of Ladybird fame — is the one technically responsible, as she's the one who wrote out the phrase before it was inked on his body for all eternity.

But no, it isn't Ronan's fault. It wasn't her idea to tattoo her buddy with a typo, and she explained how the super permanent goof came to be on The Graham Norton Show on February 9.

Ronan had a "brilliant" time making the video with Sheeran, and recalled how "beloved" he was as a huge crowd in Galway followed them around for the whole night that they shot it. "I was very, very nervous about it, so I practice before they actually tattooed it onto him," she said of the ink. And as for who's responsible for the spelling error, Ronan's finally named the culprit.

"It wasn't my idea to do the bad spelling!" she declared. "He's been saying to people at his gig that I misspelled the word 'Girl,' but I didn't! The tour manager in Dublin — we'd had a few drinks during the show, because he did two shows in Dublin after we did the music video. The tour manager was going by, and he was like, 'You know what would be gas? If you misspelled the word Girl and tattooed somethin' else onto him.' So, we did 'Galway Grill' instead. We got a tattoo artist to come in at 12 o'clock at night, in Dublin, during a birthday party that was being had in town. This poor guy — he came in, and he was terrified. This poor fellow was having to tattoo onto Ed Sheeran's arm, the arm he plays the guitar with."

So, there you have it: Ronan knows how to spell "Girl," thank you very much, and Sheeran's arm doesn't prove anything other than the dude is impulsive as hell in the tat department.