Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Nintendo of America

5 Potential Story Lines For Nintendo's New Animated Mario Movie

It's-a me!

Mario is getting ready for his close-up! Nintendo announced that they're teaming up with Illumination Entertainment for an animated film about the video game hero, with help from original Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meledandri, one of the men behind The Secret Life of PetsDespicable Me, and Ice Age.

Unfortunately, that's all the information we have. Nothing about the cast, characters, or story line is available yet. So here are five things that the upcoming Mario movie could potentially be about.

  1. Classic Super Mario Bros.

    Main cast: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser

    Plot: The studio could go the classic route, in which Mario, with Luigi by his side, must travel through various worlds, eating the correct mushrooms to grow, finding secret stars that will help him dodge the turtley Koopa Troopas, and defeating Bowser to save a captured Princess Peach.

  2. Classic Mario, with a twist

    Main cast: Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Mario, Bowser

    Plot: In the age of Time's Up, the damsel-in-distress vibe may feel more than a little archaic. Especially since — thanks to Wonder Woman — we know how powerful a heroine story can be. This is why I propose a role reversal to the story we know and love, in which Mario is captured and a capable, badass Princess Peach saves the day.

  3. A plumber's worst nightmare

    Main cast: Mario, Toad, King Boo

    Plot: Something strange is happening in the city's pipes, and when Toad goes missing, Mario knows he's the plumber to solve the problem — but what he finds is unlike any clog he's ever seen. Shapeshifting King Boo forces our hero to face his own demons in order to save his friend. Kind of like 2017 hit It, but with a happier ending.

  4. Mario's need for speed

    Main cast: Every Mario character, separated into a good crew and a bad crew

    Plot: Just think about it: The Fast and the Furious, but with go-karts. In this action flick, Mario and his crew are elite street racers accused of hijacking trucks carrying expensive cargo. Knowing his crew's — no, family's innocence — Mario leads the good guys into catching the bad guys, but not without some tricked-out street carts, dangerous stunts, critical injuries, and run-ins with the FBI. This film also has potential for unlimited sequels.

  5. When dinosaurs take over

    Main cast: Mario, Wario, Yoshi, Bowser

    Plot: Reminiscent of Jurassic World, Princess Peach runs the theme park Yoshi World, which sits on Isla Yoshi, where all the Yoshis live. Both Mario and Wario have dedicated their lives to the study of the anthropomorphic dinos, but when Wario creates a new hybrid species that escapes and turns vicious (Bowser), the archrivals must find a way to capture the being and restore order for the safety of all Yoshis.