Bon Appetit: Vote For The Most Awesome Eaters Ever On The Challenge

Tony chowed down -- rotten cheese and all -- during this week's episode

What do rotten cheese, marshmallows and mayonnaise have in common? They are all items that Tony ate during this week's Vendettas episode.

The veteran absolutely dominated this week's mission "Food Wars," a combination of trivia mixed with consuming plates ranging from bull testicle to fried blood. The rules: Groups (trios except for one duo) would be asked a series of questions, and the first team to ring in and answer correctly would be exempt from chowing down. The remaining teams would need to send a representative to inhale some type of cuisine (chosen by the victors of the trivia portion), paving the way for a head-to-head battle between the final two teams.

First, the Skeletons survivor easily bested Shane, Victor, Sylvia, Nelson and Nicole Z with the stinky fromage and was the only one to complete the task in the allotted time. Then he took down Leroy with the jumbo, sugar-based confections.

In the final clash, Tony ate for a third time (no queasiness here!) against Cara Maria (instead of Bananas or Kayleigh) -- much to the delight of his teammates Marie and Zach as well as the the enthusiastic ousted competitors.

"Do you bench your QB at a Super Bowl? No," Marie stated. "Tony's on a roll, and he wants to eat more. So we're going to give it to him."

And eat he did: Despite some serious hacking, he licked his bowl of mayo clean -- and solidified himself as one of the greatest Challenge eaters of all time. But where do you think he ranks among other standouts in the ingesting department? Vote up or down below, and be sure to keep watching Tony and the rest of the Vendettas gang every Tuesday at 9/8c.