The Most Dominant Challenge Teams of All Time

The latest ‘Champs vs. Stars’ victors were the winningest ever, but many have come close

Twenty years after the premiere of The Challenge, the show has officially yielded its very first undefeated team. And while many have come close, none besides CT, Emily and Johnny Bananas can say they were part of the single most dominant squad of all time.

The three competitors — each already franchise legends — officially cemented their collective legacy tonight with a win in the final Champs vs. Stars mission, a three-on-three battle that found them waging war against comedian Justina Valentine, UFC fighter Michelle Waterson and Bachelorette alum Josh Murray for $150,000 in charity. The Stars came out of the gates swinging across the multi-station obstacle course, which included a game of greased-up soccer and a round of blind go-kart racing, but ultimately, couldn’t stave off Team Blue.

And after completing one final puzzle while way out in front of The Stars, Team Blue officially went 7-0, and earned money for The Special Olympics, Girls Incorporated and F.I.G.H.T.

For CT, whose charity aimed to help curb the opiate epidemic, the win was particularly meaningful.

“I think it’s gonna bring a lot of awareness,” he said. “We’ll be able to reach a lot of people to make them feel like they’re not alone.”

And Emily, who’d spent years off the grid, echoed the sentiment.

“This is an amazing Challenge to come back to,” she said. “It’s incredible.”

There have been many times across the Challenge circuit when a single season has amounted to a 50/50 grudge match (“Battle of the Seasons“) or remained a close call all the way to the finish (“The Duel II”), but sometimes, one troop is so prevailing, it doesn’t even seem fair.

Check out the most dominant Challenge teams of all time below, and tell us in the comments which you think is most memorable.

  1. The Guys (Battle of the Sexes 2)

    Yes, while Coral, Arissa and Sophia had some individually solid moments across the 9th Challenge season, which premiered in 2004 (Let’s not forget the ladies constructed and sailed a boat more quickly than the guys), they simply couldn’t hold off Eric, Dan and Theo, who beat them in 13 out of 16 missions (plus, one of the ladies’ three wins was an intentionally thrown mission).

  2. Emily and Paula (Rivals II)

    Turns out Emily has a history of controlling the game. On the 2013 show, — Emily’s most recent appearance — she and her former enemy absolutely crushed the competition, winning five out of the first six missions and — eventually — the big money. Em and Paula were also the only women’s team to never face elimination in The Jungle.

  3. The Champions (The Ruins)

    The Champs’ red jerseys may have subconsciously pointed to the many bloodbaths they exacted over the course of Season 18. While Sarah and KellyAnne put up one of the series’ most commendable performances as the two Challengers’ finalists — and nearly won the final prize — they were no match for the likes of Derrick, Evan, Johnny Bananas, Kenny and Susie, who handily won nine of the show’s 10 missions.

  4. The Red Team (Battle of the Bloodlines)

    Before the crop of Season 27 competitors was whittled down to a collection of pairs, and Cara Maria and Jamie went on to win the final competition, there were Teams Red and Blue…though the latter didn’t make much of an impression. All six of the two-team missions amounted to easy wins for Team Red, which hosted the likes of eventual winner Cara.

  5. Road Rules (The Inferno)

    The eighth season’s Real World team was one of the most popular in Challenge history (Coral, Syrus, Mike “The Miz” and CT were all fan-favorites). Still, that doesn’t change the fact that they got their asses whipped by the Road Rules outfit, which included Abram, Christena, Veronica, Timmy, Kendal, Holly and Darrell. Team Blue won 12 out of 16 missions, and came from behind to win the final in particular triumphant fashion — piggy-backs across a beachside sunset.

  6. Honorable mention: Evan and Coral (Fresh Meat)

    Before the duo were very unluckily disqualified from the competition for a pair of injuries (Coral’s kneecap detached itself, Evan developed a hernia that needed surgery), they were ruling the Australian outback, winning five out of the first six missions. “Bet you’re glad I’m hurt,” Coral joked to the game’s remaining players as she walked off set for the final time. She wasn’t wrong...