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Nick Jonas Co-Wrote A Jumanji Theme Song And It's As Good As You Think

It's no 'Jealous,' but it is catchy

Nick Jonas, man of many talents, has dominated the scene with his acting and singing, and now he's moving on to crush another arena: writing theme songs.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Jack Black announced that he and Jonas have penned a theme song for their upcoming film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

"I co-wrote a song — we were all kind of messing around with a theme song — and me and Nick Jonas put the finishing touches on it and we shot a music video, hoping to release it soon," Black said, noting the tune may not make the "final cut."

Black then gave a spirited performance of the song, which was greeted by the enthusiastic cheers typical of any song graced with Jonas's golden touch.

Here are the full lyrics, to help you sing along to this instant classic:

Jumanji / It's a jungle inside your soul / somewhere deep inside / at the end of the ride.

Jumanji / And survival your only goal / plunge the jewel inside / say the name of the game.

Jumanji / Jumanji / Jumanji / Jumanji