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Miley Cyrus Has One Word For Those Pregnancy Rumors


They call it a "food baby" for a reason, that bump that occurs when you've walked away from the Thanksgiving table after multiple hours of gorging on turkey and mac and cheese and pie and countless other dishes.

Miley Cyrus posted a pic of herself on Instagram shortly following her Thanksgiving feast, and many took her posture and loose-fitting shirt to be clues that she's expecting, in spite of her throw to her #VeganTurkeyBaby.

That's just a food baby, y'all, and Miley followed up with a clarification to confirm that, no, she is not pregnant, and yes, she was expecting that food baby on November 23, in spite of the rumor mill the tabloids were stoking.

Instead of focusing on food vs. actual babies, and whether or not Miley and Liam Hemsworth are expecting one, maybe see about those leftovers in the fridge. Definitely seems like a way more positive use of everyone's time on a holiday weekend!