The Floribama Shore Cast Members Sum Up Their Summer In One Word

Overall, it seems like they had a really good time

Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa went to Panama City Beach for the summer. And the rest is history will be chronicled on the upcoming series MTV Floribama Shore. "New South!"

To prepare for the upcoming premiere of the entertaining (trust us) series, we asked the guys and gals to describe the once-in-a-lifetime adventure in one word.

Check out the crew's responses below and don't miss MTV Floribama Shore when it begins on Monday at 10/9c.

Gus: Funky

"With the amount of s**t that happened in the house, I can't even think of another word."

Codi: Exciting.

"It was different, all of these people came from different unique places."

Kortni: Ratchet.

Jeremiah: Chaotic.

"There's liquor, there's clubs and there's crazy strangers that I was living with under one roof."

Candace: Chaotic.

"There's just a lot of emotions that transpired in the house. We went from being super happy to being against each other to literally fighting anyone who attacked anyone in the house."

Kirk: Crazy.

"You can get every type of emotion in one show: tears, laughter, drama and turmoil."