How Does The Challenge Cast Define The Word 'Vendetta'?

Some of the players know what it means -- others, not so much

Each cast member on the upcoming Challenge season has a vendetta against another player in the cutthroat game. But what does the noun, which serves as the theme for this upcoming Season 31, mean? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, vendetta is defined as an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful or hostile acts or exchange of such acts. But the competitors -- who will be vying for the coveted MTV prize beginning on January 2 -- have their own take on the term.

For starters, Rivals III finalist Devin is pretty sure he is "one of the only people" who can properly explain a vendetta. While Queen Veronica and Invasion of the Champions third place finisher Nicole Z both cite revenge, one athlete claims she "honestly doesn't know" how to characterize the word. Better look in the dictionary!

So who's clueless about the definition of a vendetta? And what do the other guys and gals have to say? Watch the video above, and don't miss the premiere of The Challenge: Vendettas on Tuesday, January 2 at 9/8c!