Stranger Things Just Turned Instagram Into A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Your feed will never be the same

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books and the thrills that came with every gamble of a page-flip? Stranger Things just pulled a brilliant move by turning your phone into one thanks to social media, so get ready to make some tough decisions.

In the event that you've been living under a rock or without decent WiFi since October 27, chances are, you're all caught up with Stranger Things 2. If you're not, you'll still get a huge kick out of the Netflix series' latest Instagram Story, which re-formats Dustin and Steve's brotherly friendship (and one that made for one of the most endearing character arcs of the season) into a Choose Your Own Adventure plot. (Considering the oh-so-memeable Stranger Things font is ripped from the Choose Your Own Adventure series, it's a perfect match.)


Let's refresh: When Dustin finds a creepy, crawly little dude and names him d'Artagnan, or Dart, for short, the creature eats his cat, Mews, grows waaaay too big for comfort, and escapes the confines of Dustin's room.

He goes to Steve for help, and the two then head out into the woods of Hawkins to track down Dart with Steve's trusty nail-covered bat in tow. On the way, they talk about very important things, like love and hair.


Picking conversation topics is just one of the Choose Your Own Adventures choices you get to make in this story. Even if you know how it ends, it's still a super creative take on the photo-sharing platform — and we can't wait to see how Dustin, Steve, and the Demodogs' meeting goes down with the additional, hilarious commentary.


I, for one, am extremely down with Choosing My Own Stranger Things Adventure in my Instagram feed, especially if it involves hairspray tips from Steve.