Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage

James Franco Terrorized Haunted House Visitors With His Best Shining Impression


What's scarier than James Franco coming at you with an ax?

James Franco coming at you with an ax dressed as Jack Nicholson's iconically creepy character from The Shining, complete with nightmarish mask and blood-curdling scream. That's what.

As a part of Universal Studios' Horror Nights, the theme park recreated The Shining's Overlook Hotel, complete with a door bearing REDRUM and another entryway just begging for him to hack his way through it. Franco donned a Jack Torrance mask, a maroon jacket, and a murderous disposition, and set about scaring Horror Nights patrons senseless one swing of the ax at a time. Upon peeling off his mask, it was clear that Franco loved every minute of his spooky surprise.

Franco's next film, The Disaster Artist, on December 1. (He will not be chasing after people with an ax in this, probably.)