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Harry Styles Reveals The One Direction Perk He Still Thinks About

The 'Sign of the Times' singer revisits his 1D days

At some point, pretty much every teenager debates faking an illness to get out of school, because the only thing worse than waking up early on a Monday is waking up to a first-period calculus class. Harry Styles is less familiar with this struggle. One of the best perks about being in a world-famous band, he said, was that school wasn't a thing.

"Give me an example of a day that you still think about, a day with the band, a day that was fun," CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil asked Styles in an interview Sunday (October 15).

"I mean, first of all, it's fun because you're not in school," Styles said, adding, "You're already winning!"

Their full conversation, below, traces Styles's journey from One Direction's X Factor days to his solo debut, "Sign of the Times." Relive every precious moment — including the time he was pantsed onstage — in the 8-minute video below.

Now 23, Styles is still touring the globe, though his former bandmates Zayn, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are no longer standing next to him onstage.

"It didn't feel scary to me," Styles said about going solo. "I think the idea of making something that I wasn't 100 percent behind is much scarier to me."