Should Teen Mum's Jordan Have Bought Chloe A Valentine's Day Gift?

The young dad wasn't exactly romantic on Cupid's favorite day

Valentine's Day celebrations were in full force during tonight's Teen Mum episode, but Chloe's holiday with boyfriend Jordan was anything but romantic. The first issue: Marley's father didn't even recognize that it was a special day and needed to be prompted to offer well wishes.

"I'd be upset if he didn't get me a card," Chloe confessed. Talk about foreshadowing...

February 14 only continued to deteriorate for the young mum: Not only did Jordan fail to purchase said note, but her gift to him was met with resistance.

"Why have you got me something?" he questioned, before adding that he requested Chloe not purchase anything for him because he was skint (aka broke) and would not be able to buy her anything. And he didn't.

"I thought you were just tricking me and that you were going to surprise me," Chloe said.

When Jordan insisted he wasn't playing a joke and did not intend to give her anything -- not even a card -- Chloe was hurt and expressed that she thought he was "horrible."

"I told you to not get me anything," Jordan stated nonchalantly. Before long, the couple's plans to go out for dinner were canceled.

Jordan eventually made up for the Valentine's Day fiasco with a scrumptious-looking steak meal, which pleased Chloe. But should he have acted differently from the start? The two are gearing up for a momentous life change (buying a house), and finances are understandably tight, so Jordan's suggestion to ease on the spending is not out of line. However, February 14 is a day meant to shower those you love -- and Jordan didn't take the tradition seriously. Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep watching the mums (and their lads!) every Monday at 10/9c.