Foo Fighters And James Corden Had A Drum Battle In The Middle Of Guitar Center

And sang a bunch of Foo staples for 'Carpool Karaoke'

Ever since their inception as Dave Grohl's solo project, Foo Fighters have made fantastic songs to scream along to in the car. You ever try the breathless vocal run in the middle of "Monkey Wrench" while doing 75 on the highway? It's exhilarating. How about the staccato "the BEST, the BEST" portion of "Best of You"? Extremely cathartic.

That's why the band's recent appearance on James Corden's popular "Carpool Karaoke" series on The Late Late Show feels so logical (and necessary). If you want Grohl to scream directly into your face, as has become his trademark, then of course you'll be happy with this one.

But the 13-minute clip also crams the band's entire current six-member lineup crammed into an SUV, air-drumming all over the ride, and talking a bit about their 23-year history, including when Grohl shattered his leg onstage in 2015 and performed on a literal throne for weeks.

The song choices here serve as a good best-of for the Foos, ranging from late-'90s hits like "Learn to Fly" and well into the 2010s with new cut "The Sky Is a Neighborhood." (No "Everlong" though, sadly.) Of course, the whole crew ends up in a Guitar Center, where Grohl, Corden, and percussionist Taylor Hawkins have a drum-off in the middle of the store. And then there's a full-band impromptu show with Corden singing lead, naturally.

The Foos' latest album, Concrete and Gold, is out now. Watch them take over a local Guitar Center (hey, maybe it's yours?) in the full video above.