The Stranger Things Cast Fits Right Into Your Fave Horror Movie Posters

Who's scarier, the Demogorgon or Freddy Krueger?

Thanks in no small part to the gooey, creepy clutches of the Upside Down and the gnarly jaws and claws of the Demogorgon, Stranger Things has fully embraced its vintage horror vibes from the very first episode.

Now that Season 2 is coming up, Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Nancy, and other familiar faces from Stranger Things have achieved their own level of supernatural stardom — and these re-imagined movie posters inspired by your favorite scary flicks solidify the show's cult classic-in-the-making status.

Netflix has been putting a Stranger spin on some iconic visuals inspired by Jaws, Alien, and other movies that freaked you out thanks to their posters plastered all over the walls of your hometown's video store. Eleven gets a Drew Barrymore-inspired makeover that has her looking like the girl with the pyro powers of Firestarter; Joyce is reaching out for help before getting dragged to her doom a la The Evil Dead; the dudes ride up in Stand By Me bike formation, and a terrified Nancy stands in for Freddy Krueger's victim in a Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired tableau. (No Ghostbusters imitation in the lot, weirdly enough.)

These are pretty perfect, and the project inspires one hell of a movie marathon to get you in the mood for October 27, when Season 2 of Stranger Things hits the streaming service in all its binge-watchable glory. (You may want to sleep with the light on if you do attempt said movie marathon, though.)