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Fergie Is Back... With Nicki Minaj And Rick Ross

The release of 'Double Dutchess' is near

It's been 11 years since Fergie broke out with The Dutchess (long live, "Fergalicious"), and on Friday morning, the Black Eyed Peas singer announced that the album's anticipated follow-up, Double Dutchess, is on its way. The album will be available on September 22.

Not only did Fergie spring details on her album, but she released two, hip-hop-tinged tracks at the stroke of midnight. Rick Ross features on "Hungry," a song that has Ferg claiming that she's "not thirsty / just hungry." It's accompanied by a glitchy, black and white video:

Nicki Minaj kills a feature by using her Barbie persona on "You Already Know," which samples Rob Base's "It Takes Two." Fergie's verses are pretty fire as well, signifying a return to brand of rap-singing.

"Beez got me feeling like a gypsy / Smoking on that hookah got me feeling like a hippie, trippy / Gone for a minute and you missed me / Now Fergie back with a bag full of tricksies."

The two songs follow a pair for more melodic tunes dropped last summer — the controversial "M.I.L.F. $" and "Life Goes On."