Dare To Live Sneak Peek: Rae Sremmurd Comes Face-To-Face With Live Alligators

Kind of makes that Mannequin Challenge look like a cakewalk

Rae Sremmurd's epic Mannequin Challenge was no easy feat -- and now the hip-hop duo is about to face a more daunting task.

In a sneak peek of the Dare to Live premiere, videographer/all-around-adventurer Rory Kramer takes the brothers to bond with some alligators. And Swae and Slim are not feeling the impending bonding time with the daunting reptiles.

"Are you good, man? You said you weren't getting out the car," Rory asks in the video above as he and the siblings arrive at the Gatorama. Well, this field trip isn't off to a great start...

Fortunately, the guys are able to step outside their comfort zone -- and hold some baby gators. But how do they react when they approach some fully grown creatures? Watch the clip to find out -- and don't miss two episodes of Dare to Live on Tuesday beginning at 11/10c!