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The Judge Tossed DJ's Suit Against Taylor Swift On Grounds Of 'Insufficient Evidence'

The court rules that she 'didn't act improperly'

A judge has thrown out a former DJ's case against Taylor Swift after she faced the man who claimed she falsely accused him of sexual assault in court.

David Mueller sued Swift in 2015 following his dismissal from Denver's KYGO after Swift accused him of touching her inappropriately at an event hosted by the radio station. Swift followed up with a countersuit of her own, citing Mueller's alleged assault and battery.

Upon reviewing Mueller's case and hearing Swift's testimony — in which she described, in no uncertain terms, how Mueller "grabbed her bare ass" — Judge William J. Martínez said that Mueller and his representation failed to prove that Swift "acted improperly when she reported an assault she truly believed happened."

Swift's countersuit against Mueller will proceed, but in the meantime, she definitely won't be "blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions," to echo statements she gave in court.