These Fear Factor Contestants Had Better Have Strong Gag Reflexes

They have to drink what?

Bottoms up!

In a sneak peek of the next Fear Factor, host Ludacris tells contestants they'll be enjoying a very special smoothie.

"Each team member will take their three ingredients and put them into a blender," he says in the clip, below. "You have three seconds to blend that up. You will then completely fill a cup and, on my go, you will take turns chugging as fast as you can."

The objective: Whoever drinks their brew the fastest moves on in the competition and gets one step closer to $50K. The catch: The smoothies don't seem to be made with the most appetizing ingredients.

So what exactly is in the shakes? And how is it decided which awful ingredients must be used? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Fear Factor Tuesday at 10/9c.