'It'll Kill You': Ludacris Says The Next Fear Factor Task Is All Kinds Of Dangerous

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Anyone got a flashlight?

On the next Fear Factor, contestants will have to stand in the dark, then stick their hand in a cage to fish out a much-needed key. The catch: Each cage will contain a different live beast.

"Okay, I'm scared," one young woman announces in the sneak peek, below, as she gets ready to sink her hand into the unknown.

Her sister/partner tries to reassure her -- "I think this may be a baby goat or something," she says -- but composure may not be an option when host Ludacris shouts, "Don't touch that thing -- it'll kill you!"

So what kind of creatures are in the cages? And did one competitor really walk away with a bloodied hand? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Fear Factor on Tuesday at 10/9c.