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Drake’s Latest Tattoo Is A Massive Tribute To Lil Wayne

Flattering? Or just weird?

Drake’s baffling collection of tattoos just got a little more baffling.

After inking Aaliyah and Sade’s faces on his body, the 6 God has continued his streak of tribute tats with a tricep portrait of Lil Wayne. Behold:

Here's a closer look, because this kind of ink demands a magnified view:

Wayne’s influence on Drake’s life and career is undeniable. In fact, Drizzy pretty much owes his entire come-up to Wayne, who signed the Toronto MC to his Young Money label in 2009. The two have collaborated frequently since then, most recently on Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds,” proving their mentor-mentee bond is still strong. In fact, a day before debuting his new ink on Instagram, Drake kindly called Wayne the “king.”

Even so, it’s a little weird to get a tattoo of one of your friend’s faces on your arm, right? Especially one who’s very much still alive and kickin’? If Drake wanted to thank Lil Wayne for his support, a dope edible arrangement probably would’ve been enough. Then again, Drake’s a mysterious dude, and one who insists he knows what permanent is. Let’s take his word for it and let him carry on with that Celine Dion tattoo, if that’s really what he wants.