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Halsey Has Some Serious Ink Appreciation For Her Fans' Tattoos

'u guys are the reason'

Halsey is no stranger to the tattoo parlor given that she's a demonstrated body art enthusiast. It's no surprise, then, that she loves the details her fans get inked that are directly inspired by her work.

Tattoos are a pretty common way to display your standom, but Halsey fans, in particular, are passionate about lifting images and phrases from her lyrics or cover art and dedicating some oh-so-permanent personal real estate to her. She's thrilled about that, and took a sec to send some appreciation to those who love tats as much as she does.

"u guys are the reason," she wrote via Instagram, before sharing a few select tats that invoke everything from her face to lines of "Control" and "Ghost" to the rocky peaks of Badlands.

That's a special connection, right there, so hey — if you were on the fence about making that tat appointment to commemorate your adoration for Hopeless Mountain Kingdom, know that if you go through with it, you're not alone.

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