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Kit Harington Thinks Jon Snow Is Pretty Much 'A Psychopath' On Game Of Thrones

'He looks for violence'

Game of Thrones does an incredible job of humanizing its characters to the point where not a single person is entirely good or evil — and the newly anointed King of the North, Jon Snow, is no exception to that rule.

Ahead of the seventh season premiere on July 16, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Kit Harington, who plays the brooding warrior on the HBO hit, to discuss what's in store for Snow, his war against the White Walkers, a possible reunion with the Stark siblings ("It would be bittersweet ... I don't know that it would be exactly what everyone wants"), and whether or not he thinks Snow truly is a Targaryen (Harington says yes: "It looks clear that this fan theory is going to come true, but we don't know that yet").

The most surprising thing, though, was Harington's opinion of the part he plays — and how there's something a little sinister about Snow, who's widely revered to be one of the show's most dependable heroes. On the topic of whether or not things will hit a "happy" note for Snow in Winterfell (or elsewhere) in the next season of Game of Thrones, Harington isn't exactly sure that that's a word he'd ever use to describe what awaits him in the not-so-distant future.

"I think happiness is a very strange term to associate with Jon," he told THR. "He has a very odd sense of what 'happy' is. It might not be everybody else's 'happy.' I don't know what happiness is for Jon. I actually think secretly deep down, he's a bit of a psychopath, weirdly. He looks for violence."

As for his natural habitat? It's not Winterfell, but a field full of dudes stabbing and slicing at each other with horses running amok, more or less.

"I think that in a weird way this could be Jon's natural home, on this battlefield, where he comes to life," he continued. "For all of his good, he's a violent man."

I mean, not wrong. But eek.