Catfish Commitment: Will Kelsie And Brandon Eventually Settle Down Together?

The Texas beauty seems to have lassoed her 'Redneck Romeo'

A single mom from Texas had an astonishing happily-ever-after on tonight's Catfish, but will she and her beau go the distance and settle down together?

Twenty-six-year-old Kelsie, who hails from New Braunfels, had contacted Nev and Max after getting suspicious about the "Redneck Romeo" she'd known for three years but had never actually met. The super-fishy reason Missouri resident Brandon never managed to hook up with Kelsie in the flesh? He was constantly having trouble with his truck. For three years. Oh, and in all the photos Brandon had sent her, he was cute. Really cute. And if that isn't Catfish's biggest warning sign, what is?

"There's definitely some deception and lies," Max announced after reviewing the facts with Nev. "I think she's going to get her heart broken."

So was Brandon truly Brandon -- or was he, as Nev and Max began to suspect, someone else pretending to be the handsome 31-year-old? The truth was finally revealed when Brandon said he'd meet Kelsie at a local lake in Missouri: As she, Nev, Max and Kelsie waited there, he rode up on a four-wheeler. Then, in a moment that will surely go down in history as one of Catfish's greatest reveals, the Redneck Romeo took off his helmet and proved that he was, in fact, the guy in the photos.

Did anyone else's jaw drop to the floor? Okay, so it wasn't just us.

"I'm not a very wealthy person," Brandon said, explaining why he'd never visited Kelsie in Texas (and why he didn't have a more reliable ride). Then he confirmed he was truly interested in making a future with his sweetheart.

Kelsie's reaction? A whole lot of joy. "Happily-ever-after doesn't normally happen to me," she said.

Two months later, the young mom's fairytale finish seemed to be intact -- she'd already spent Easter with Brandon and his family, and Brandon was planning to visit her in New Braunfels. But what do you think: Will the duo turn their long-distance romance into a closer one? Will Kelsie and Brandon take the next step and commit to one another? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 10/9c.