Paulie's Promposal Made His Girl Feel Like She Was 'On Top Of The World' -- Literally

You know it's big when the World Trade Center is involved

What do you get when you take a lovesick 17-year-old from Staten Island and add a dash of Jersey Shore and a pinch of Growing Up Gotti? The latest episode of Promposal.

On tonight's installment, the often-profane but ultimately charming Paulie got ready to ask his girlfriend to prom by doing some GTL. Well, almost. Forget the laundry -- he hit the gym, went tanning, then got his eyebrows done, and it was all in an effort to fix his relationship with a gal named Karina.

So what was the couple's problem? "Me and Karina's relationship is hot and cold -- it's just a roller coaster of of emotions," Paulie explained. It didn't help that Karina said she may soon leave Staten Island and go to college in Florida -- a possibility that rocked Paulie's world.

Fortunately, the New Yorker came up with a promposal for the ages. "She's going to get picked up by a limo and end up at the One World Observatory," he told his family of his plan. "She's going to go all the way up to the 102nd floor. I want her to feel like she's on top of the world, like she makes me feel when I'm with her. If everything goes well, I really think this would be the healing of our relationship."

That's not all: Paulie also had a giant mural painted depicting both him and Karina, and he prepared a special song to sing. In front of everyone.

All his plans went off in perfect harmony: When Karina arrived at the observatory wearing a gown her boyfriend had specially chosen for her, an awe-struck Paulie could only utter, "She looks like a piece of art."

Then came the song. So how did Paulie sound warbling James Arthur's ultra-romantic "Say You Won't Let Go"? Get this: He was pretty damn good, and amid cheers from friends and family, Karina blissfully accepted Paulie's promposal.

On the big night, she was no less elated.

"This promposal will be a memory that I will always cherish," she said, "and it really proved to me that Paulie was trying to show me how much he really loves me."

And while there was no word on where Karina was going to attend college, Paulie didn't seem worried about their relationship.

"Me and Karina's future, in my eyes, is brighter than ever," he said as they posed for photos. "Karina could be with anybody in the world, and out of all the people, she chose me. And I want to cherish this girl for the rest of my life."

+ Would Paulie's promposal have swept you off your feet? And do you think Paulie and Karina will stay together if she really does go to school in Florida? Tell us what you think!

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