Guess Which Hip-Hop Star Made His Second Appearance On My Super Sweet 16

That's one way to get it poppin'

Anyone else getting a feeling of déjà vu?

Fat Joe returned to MTV's My Super Sweet 16 on tonight's episode (the first ever installment ever!), after first appearing on the show during Season 4. This time, the "All the Way Up" crooner performed in honor of the SiAngie Twins, a pair of singing sisters who were celebrating their 16th birthday.

Aiming to have "the lit-est party of all time," Sianney and Angie enlisted the help (and hip-hop connections) of their older brother/world-champ boxer Danny Garcia. But in the first of a series of disappointments, the evening's desired entertainer -- aka Fat Joe -- said he might not be able to make it because of his own daughter's birthday.

That's not all: There were issues with two of the twins' three outfits (because it's not a true Sweet 16 without a slew of wardrobe changes). Then came some Count Dracula-esque decor that didn't fit the party's hip-hop theme. Oh, and the girls both failed their driver's license exam, which could only mean one thing: No lemon-yellow Lamborghini on their big night.

But the biggest bombshell was yet to come: Danny soon announced that record label scouts would be hitting up the party to see SiAngie perform, causing the girls' nerves to skyrocket. Aerial dancers, fire blowers and a flawless zip-line entrance would mean nada if their show bombed.

Luckily, the ladies killed it (despite a slight wardrobe malfunction on Sisi's end), and they not only received a surprise encore from Fat Joe himself but they also got their highly coveted Lambo (even though, yeah, they're not legally able to drive).

Was SiAngie's party the lit-est bash in the history of ever? Comment with your thoughts!