'Freestyling And Twerking': This Fear Factor Duo Prepared In An Awesomely Unusual Way

Anyone else want to be BFF with Emmanuel and Candace?

It's official: Upcoming Fear Factor partners Emmanuel and Candace are the most fun people on Earth.

"To get ready for Fear Factor, we was rapping in the car all the way up here," 25-year-old Emmanuel says in the show's new Mental Prep promo, adding that they also trained by singing, dancing and "doing handshakes."

Twenty-four-year-old Candace, meanwhile, mentions two more of their road-trip exercises: "Freestyling and twerking."

But not every competitor had the same strategy -- at least two went by the old adage, "Ignorance is bliss."

"Thinking about it was just going to psych [me] out, so I just haven't been thinking about it," says 26-year-old Corry.

And 23-year-old Aubrey admits, "I actually tried my hardest not to think about what we might do or what we might not do. I tried to just focus."

But back to Emmanuel and Candace. What exactly were those "handshakes"? And did they prepare the duo for having to eat giants bugs? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Fear Factor Tuesday at 10/9c.