Promposal Sneak Peek: Tyler's Big Moment 'Might Be Falling Apart'

Gee, ya think?

Just breathe, buddy. Just breathe.

In a sneak peek of next week's Promposal, a H.S. student named Tyler begins to panic when all his meticulous planning starts to hit a few snags.

"I'm getting so anxious about this promposal, and I can't play 21 Questions right now," he says as he fields inquiries from a group of dancers who'll be performing during the big ask.

But that's the least of his concerns: As the crucial moment nears, one of his pals reports that the faux school assembly -- during which Tyler plans to ask his crush Phoebe to prom in front of a cheering audience -- has only attracted about 20 students. Even worse, another friend walks in and delivers some disconcerting news about Phoebe.

Tyler's reply: "This promposal might be falling apart."

So what's up with Phoebe? Watch the clip, above, to find out, and to see if Tyler can pull off his promposal, tune in to the episode Monday at 11/10c.