Getty Images/Columbia/YouTube

Jaden Smith Recreates Batman V Superman In His Wild New Video

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, no less

In his new video for "Batman," Jaden Smith storms the Hollywood Walk of Fame in his sparkling white Batman suit just so he can terrorize his impersonators.

You see, Jaden is the real, actual Bruce Wayne, as the preamble to the video establishes. It's up to him to settle the score with the low-rent imposters hustling the Walk of Fame for tips, so he drives on down and picks a fight with a more traditionally dressed Batman. He also stunts on a Superman and Spider-Man for good measure.

We're not saying the five-minute video is unequivocally better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it does include a shot of Jaden peeing on a mountainside while drinking a rum and Coke, so take that as you will.