12 Creative Gift Ideas That Will Blow Your BFF's Mind

Because nobody knows your bestie like you do

Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift or just feel like surprising your best friend, find them something that is as unique and awesome as they are.

  • Go beyond “liking” their Facebook pictures with thumbs up ice cubes.
  • This makeup studio will help them keep their entire life organized.

  • Make instant memories with this digital camera that prints instant Polaroid-style prints.
  • Try a classy twist on the beer bong.

  • A solar powered case will give an extra boost to their iPhone.
  • The future is now with this 3D Doodle pen.

  • This cooler is perfect for picnics and beach outings.
  • Give them a cute and creepy surprise with their morning coffee.

  • Throw a tea party with this homemade chai kit.
  • Show how much you understand them with an Emergency Bacon Kit.

  • Get nostalgic for the '90s with these rad nail stickers.
  • Remind them that they’re the Mary-Kate to your Ashley.