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Nicki Minaj Looks Awfully Cozy With Nas In This Casual Pic


One quick, after-dinner selfie has New York — and the rap world at large — spinning, as two of its top MCs, Nicki Minaj and Nas, took a minute to post a quick pic and rev up the rumor mill in one fell swoop.

Minaj, Nas, a number of pals, and a shiny gold statuette all dined together on May 9, as XXL pointed out. The presence of an Emmy award explains the congratulatory vibe of Minaj's post, with Statik Selektah snapping a shot of his own of himself with Nas, Minaj, and "our Emmy."

They broke bread, and then Minaj offered Nas her congrats. If we're going based on the body language here — not to mention the matching necklaces, as XXL noted — we'd say there's a flirtatious look to that lean. Whether or not the Queen of Queens and the King of Kings County are set to reign together over the #kingdom is still anyone's guess.

Either way we're loving the love here, 'cause PMA is just as great as PDA.