Here Are The Best Menswear Looks From The MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet

The dudes who were really having fun on the red carpet

Sometimes, men wear clothes. Here are a few who did it well.

  • RuPaul

    I am living for RuPaul's floral suiting eleganza. Come through!

  • Dane DeHaan

    I am of mixed feelings when it comes to leather sleeves, but I have to admit, Dane DeHaan is pulling off this look.

  • Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery

    I am truly so into both these Stranger Things stars' award looks. Charlie Heaton looks avant-garde and Joe Keery is channeling surfer chill. MORE OF THIS, people.

  • Daniel Kaluuya

    He always looks immaculate so w/e but here he is looking amazing as per usual.

  • Jharrel Jerome and Ashton Sanders

    These Moonlight stars truly turned it out, in vintage silhouettes and playful color palettes.

  • This Guy


Watch highlights from the 2017 Movie and TV Awards here.