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Nicki Minaj’s Emotional ‘Regret In Your Tears’ Video Is Full Of Sexy Mermen

She’s got lots of water to drown her feelings in

In her new video for "Regret in Your Tears," Nicki Minaj is a melancholy queen attended by a royal court of beautiful mermen.

The moody song gets an appropriately moody video in which Nicki sulks in a half-flooded room while her male companion throws a wet tantrum in the corner. At other points, she perches on top of a flooded pickup while two dudes who may or may not be Twenty One Pilots swim around underneath her, occasionally coming up for air and to say hey.

Nicki submerges herself too, lip-synching the breakup tune just above the waterline and enjoying her aqueous kingdom despite all the hardship and mildew removal costs it must bring. Being queen of flooded ruins isn't so bad when you've got an abundance of pretty, wet boys to keep you company.