Kendrick Lamar Raps His Way To Freedom In The ‘DNA.’ Music Video

Only Don Cheadle stands in K. Dot’s way

Kendrick Lamar's new video for "DNA." begins like an especially grim episode of Law & Order. He's handcuffed in a concrete room with Don Cheadle guest-starring as his interrogator. A polygraph, presumably for a lie detector test, sits on the table between them. Creepy, right?

Turns out this polygraph has some magical DNA-transferring properties, as something bizarre happens when Cheadle presses its buttons. Suddenly, he's the one spitting verses off DAMN. Soon, Kendrick joins him, and they're engaged in a full-on rap battle. Who can rhyme their way out of that desolate room?

Freedom means that Kendrick can keep doing what he does best: rap like there's no tomorrow. Watch the video, directed by Nail and The Little Homies, below.