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Lil Wayne Adds Some Heat To Drake And Gucci Mane’s ‘Both’

Weezy gets ‘high as shit’ on the new remix

Gucci Mane’s “Both” was lit on its own, but now the track’s gotten some additional heat (and extra Young Money representation) from Lil Wayne.

Weezy hops on the official remix of “Both,” a standout track from last year’s The Return of East Atlanta Santa, Gucci’s 10th album. Guwop and Drake’s original verses remain untouched, while Wayne opens the remix with a lighter flick. “I got class, I got trash / I got bills, I got pills / Heard them boys gon’ write me off/ I hope they also write my wills,” he raps over the murky Metro Boomin beat.

Gucci’s “Both” remix comes ahead of his Coachella debut this weekend, as well as his next album, DropTipWizop, due out this year.