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Nicki Minaj Straddles An Inflatable Unicorn While Throwing Disses In Gucci Mane’s New Video

There’s no better way to deliver a dis, really

Gucci Mane invites you into a colorful wonderland full of Nicki Minaj disses in his new video for "Make Love."

In between Gucci's choruses, Nicki delivers that extended verse that kicked off her most recent spat with a certain nemesis. Nicki being Nicki, she's not going to serve up those disses from just anywhere. She's going to do it while straddling a giant inflatable unicorn.

From behind a pair of futuristic sunglasses and a whole bunch of chains, Nicki dramatically mimes searching for her enemy's platinum records and finding none in sight. Getting torched by Ms. Minaj is one thing; getting torched from a rainbow-maned steed is another dimension of hurt entirely.