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Charli XCX One-Ups Lil Yachty By Releasing Her Own ‘1 Night’ With Mura Masa

Are the two songs actually about the same night?

One week after releasing her guest-heavy mixtape Number 1 Angel, Charli XCX has popped back up on Mura Masa's new song "1 Night."

No, it's not a Lil Yachty cover, though given Charli's collab with the rapper on "After the Afterparty" it wouldn't totally surprise us if these two nights took place in the same universe. In our headcanon, Charli's "1 Night" and Yachty's "One Night" are two retellings of the same short-lived romance (sort of like how Lorde's "Green Light" and Drake's "Hotline Bling" are totally about the same relationship).

"1 Night" is the first single from Mura Masa's forthcoming debut album. If that seamlessly executed anti-drop at the chorus is any indication, the 20-year-old producer has a promising career to look forward to.