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Shawn Mendes Is Starring In A Movie Musical, Because The La La Land Effect Is Real

‘Summer of Love’ sounds like a must-see

In a career development that seemed inevitable, Shawn Mendes is taking his charm and megawatt smile to the big screen.

The Canadian crooner will reportedly star in Ivan Reitman’s upcoming musical Summer of Love (the La La Land effect is real, people!), which is described as “a road-trip movie.” Plot details are scarce, but the title apparently references the summer of 1967, when young hippies flocked to San Francisco to demonstrate their opposition to the Vietnam War. The summer was marked by legendary performances from some of the biggest artists of the time, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, and The Grateful Dead.

So ... does this mean we’ll get to see Shawn grow his hair out and sing an “Imagine”-style peace anthem while rocking bell-bottoms? Fingers crossed!

This isn’t Shawn’s first foray into acting — he voiced a character in the 2013 animated flick Underdogs, and he also had a brief guest stint on The 100. Sounds like this upcoming venture will be his biggest role to date, though. Ryan Gosling is shook.