The Little Mermaid/YouTube

The First Live-Action Little Mermaid Trailer Has Zero Musical Numbers

This is not the Disney film you’re expecting

Get ready to kiss the girl, because The Little Mermaid's first trailer just swam into your life. But there's no music. Or Ursula. Or even a talking crab.

No, you're not being punk'd. While Disney is making its own live-action version of the timeless tale, another Little Mermaid is hitting the big screen. Instead of adapting the 1989 animated film, this movie rips its plot straight from Hans Christian Andersen's original 1837 fairy tale, which means it'll be quite different from your "Under the Sea" fave.

The first trailer introduces us to Elle (Loreto Peralta) and her brother Cam (Chronicles of Narnia's William Moseley) as they venture to a circus in Mississippi, hoping to catch a glimpse of the actual Little Mermaid. The siblings get caught up in mermaid Elizabeth's (Poppy Drayton) troubles and try to protect her from one freaky dude. Check out the trailer below.