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The Princess Diaries’ Fake Show ‘Shut Up And Listen’ Is Becoming A Real One

All thanks to Lilly Moscovitz

The Princess Diaries may have focused on Anne Hathaway's journey to becoming the Princess of Genovia, but her sassy BFF, Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo), was a total scene-stealer. She told it like it was and always hilariously spoke her mind, especially on her cable show, Shut Up & Listen.

More than 15 years after the OG film debuted, Matarazzo is stepping back into Lilly's shoes to create a podcast based on that show. Per Nylon, Matarazzo has started a campaign on Patreon to raise money for the project and recently tweeted, "The 'Shut Up & Listen' podcast is coming so soon! Just recorded another episode last night! It's gonna be amazing."

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In the Disney film, Lilly speaks out on important topics (feminism, the "Save the Sea Otter" movement), and her podcast sounds like it'll follow suit. In fact, the podcast falls under her five-year plan to create a production company that "will be one that raises the voices of those who have felt they haven't been seen or heard."

Besides writing scripts for her upcoming podcast, Matarazzo is also drafting screenplays, working on a book, acting, and editing a short she made. No word on if red-haired Jeremiah Hart (Patrick John Flueger, who looks quite different now) will make a guest appearance to perform some lit magic tricks, but we can only hope — just like we're still hoping for a Princess Diaries 3. Maybe one day.